Careers at NJCDC

Listed below are current openings as of July 2014.

If you are interested in applying for any position listed below, please e-mail a letter of interest, along with a current resume to Human Resources at unless otherwise noted.

All positions require computer proficiency with experience with Microsoft Word and Excel. Some positions also require knowledge of Access and PowerPoint.


Community Development Associate (F/T)

Responsibilities: An entry-level position, the CDA will work with agency leadership to assist in the implementation and execution of programs, services, and plans. Particular emphasis will be placed on starting up new initiatives. Qualifications: Successful candidates will have strong organizational, writing, and project implementation skills. A bachelor’s degree is required and experience in community development or a related field is preferred. To apply: Send resume to

Director of Early Learning (F/T)

Responsibilities: Leads, reconstitutes and expands Early Learning Network (ELN) to support preschools an early childhood centers in the Great Falls Promise Neighborhoods; provides on –site technical assistance or professional development workshops for staff of each (ELN); enrolls residents in NJCDC pipeline; creates referral process and recruitment strategy for Parent Academy Program; launches, oversees, and serves as master trainer for 10-week Parent Academy Program; works with Director of Research and Evaluation Coordinator to identify variables and demographic data to be used from program evaluation. Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree; at least 5 years of experience as a program administrator in a child development setting; at least 5 years of experience leading training within an early childhood setting; thorough understanding of early childhood development, Infant/Toddler Environment Rate Scale (ITERS), The Early Childhood Environment Rating Scale (ECERS) and Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS).

Director of Residential Operations (F/T)

Responsibilities: Supervises the referral and admissions process; oversees service and success plans for consumers; oversees the monthly teaching/training schedule that addresses specific goals and objectives flowing from each consumers service and success plan; ensuring that regular meetings are held relating to care of the consumers; develops and implements standards and practices, contract documents, behavior management protocols and the quality assurance plan; oversees completion of all reports and documentation as required by funding agencies, complies with all licensing requirements and maintains licensing of programs; hires, trains, and supervises high quality staff and ensures an appropriate incentive and accountability structure. Qualifications: Master’s Degree in a human services related field with at least 3 years of supervisory experience in management and delivery of residential services to persons with special needs and at risk youth; strong leadership, communication and organization management skills; and flexibility in work schedule is also essential.

Elm Street Apartments

Employment Specialist (F/T)

Responsibilities: Provides job counseling, training and placement services for young adults to ensure that they become self-sufficient; and establishes relationships with local employers to assist with developing job opportunities for residents.Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in a human services related field with one to three years of experience working with young adults; excellent organizational skills; ability to work effectively independently and as a member of a team; excellent interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; and a valid driver’s license. Salary: Commensurate with experience.

Hawthorne Heights Supervised Apartments

Residence Counselors (P/T- On Call)

Responsibilities: Carries out the residence’s program plan which is developed in connection with residents’ goals, objectives, and individual needs and preferences; ensures the health and safety of residents; provides assistance to residents in meeting goals and objectives; and properly maintaining program and consumer records.Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree in human services field with one to three years of experience or High School Diploma with one to two years of experience in the human services field; a valid New Jersey driver’s license. Salary: Commensurate with experience.

Independence House

Youth Development Worker (P/T- On-Call)

Responsibilities: Implements Individual Service Plan (ISP); ensures that ISP goals and objectives are being monitored and met; teaches skills as per the ISP and in accordance with established methods; reviews the daily logs, medication logs, communication logs activity sheets and incident reports at the beginning of each shift; and coordinates resident transportation. Qualifications: High School Diploma with a minimum of two years of experience working with young adults; excellent organizational skills; ability to work effectively independently and as a member of a team; good interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; and a valid driver’s license. Salary: Commensurate with experience.

Paterson Family Center

Teachers (F/T)

Responsibilities: Plans and implements day- to day curriculum for children assigned to classroom; Monitors needs of individual children; maintains appropriate records and documentation on the progress, accomplishments and needs of each child; leads individual conferences with parents regarding their child’s education; informs parents of school news and activities; adhering to NAEYC Code of Ethics; meets with Director to report on program status and any needs or challenges of individual children or concerns of parents. Qualifications: Bachelor’s Degree; Pre-School through Grade 3 Certification (P-3), Certificate of Eligibility(CE), or Certificate of Eligibility with Advance Standing (CEAS); good interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; highly organized and motivated. Salary: Commensurate with experience.


Security Officer (F/T)

Responsibilities: Monitors and authorizes entrance and departure of employees, parents, program participants and visitors; de-escalates challenging situations that may arise with unauthorized visitors, parents, etc.; maintains visitors sign-in log; completes reports of activities and disturbances that occur on a weekly basis while on duty; reports all incidents to appropriate staff and completes documentation; assists staff, police and emergency personnel in handling emergencies or disruptive situations; Assists Director of Facilities with execution of emergency procedures such as fire drills, emergency evacuations and lockdowns. Qualifications: High School Diploma or equivalent; a minimum of three years of experience as a security officer; good interpersonal and verbal communication skills; ability to communicate effectively in writing using proper grammar and vocabulary; and ability to sit or stand for extended periods of time. Salary: Commensurate with experience.


Director of Facilities (F/T)

Responsibilities: Ensures that all facilities meet the highest standards of cleanliness and are properly maintained; supervises maintenance personnel; oversees multiple building mechanisms, including complex HVAC systems; performs quality control inspections to ensure compliance with current standards; performs basic plumbing carpentry, and other trades as skills permit; oversees maintenance of vehicles and parking issues. Qualifications: High School Diploma or equivalent; five years of hands on experience in the management and maintenance of buildings; three years of supervisory experience; knowledge of and ability to perform general maintenance duties such as carpentry, plumbing and mechanical repairs; knowledge and ability to operate miscellaneous hand tools, power tools, etc.; and a valid New Jersey driver’s license. To apply: Send resume to

Janitor/Maintenance Technician (F/T)

Responsibilities: Ensures that all NJCDC facilities are clean and safe at all times and are maintained appropriately; cleans locations based on facilities based on each locations checklist; completes assigned maintenance and repair tasks including but not limited to: drywall repair, carpentry repair, plumbing repair, electrical, HVAC, general maintenance and safety, grounds and snow removal; assists with vehicle maintenance, repair and safety requirements; and assists in maintaining different building systems (i.e. HVAC, fire alarm system, and fire extinguisher equipment). Qualifications: Knowledge of various building
trades including janitorial, electrical, plumbing, drywall, painting, HVAC and carpentry; a minimum of three years of experience with facility maintenance and safety requirements; good organizational skills; good interpersonal, verbal and written communication skills; a valid New Jersey driver’s license.

NJCDC Teacher with Students
NJCDC is an Equal Opportunity Employer.