August 8, 2017

Music Together We're all born as sound-makers and movers. As newborns, we enter the world yelling distinctive cries and wiggling our limbs. And as we mature, we gain more conscious control of our bodies, breaths, and voices, and our music behaviors grow more defined.

NJCDC's Music Together classes seek to make parents and caregivers more active partners in their children's music learning. Janice Suarez, NJCDC's Director of Early Learning, who recently completed Music Together Teacher Training, said, "When children see their loved ones participating in music activities with joy and enthusiasm, they're likely to develop the disposition to become music-makers and become engaged in various forms of music themselves."

Music Together During NJCDC's Music Together classes, which are free of charge, children and their caregivers sing, make music, dance, and bond. The program promotes brain development, communication, and parent/child attachment. By the time the classes end, the caregivers have developed a new skill to use with their children on an ongoing basis. This year, NJCDC plans to deliver Music Together classes to 45 families. The next cohort of Music Together classes will begin in September, and interested parents and caregivers can call 973-413-1612 to register.

The parents and caregivers currently taking NJCDC's Music Together classes with their children have nothing but positive things to say about the program. One mother said, "I am a new mother and I want to find ways to teach my child music while having fun experiences. Your class is doing just that. I'm so grateful for these classes." Another parent said, "I told my four year old son that we would be going to a music class in a few weeks. Every day he would ask if class was that day. He was so excited when the day came! You did not disappoint, as he even gave you a hug at the end of class. He loves the class!"

Janice Suarez looks forward to teaching the classes each week. She said, "Music Together is a truly great program for children to develop an appreciation for music. It is also a wonderful bonding experience for children with their parents or caregivers. I enjoy watching the various experiences the children exhibit; for example, the shyest child becoming sociable as he or she learns the songs."

The Music Together classes are made possible by funding from The Nicholson Foundation.

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