November 14, 2017

College FairIt's a fact we need to change: only 10% of adults living in Paterson have graduated from college. As part of NJCDC's effort to create opportunities that will transform lives, NJCDC developed a project to combat this dramatic deficit in educational attainment. NJCDC, in conjunction with the Paterson Youth Council (PYC)--a year-long leadership development program for teens 14-18 facilitated by NJCDC—will be holding a college fair this Saturday, November 18th at International High School from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. to help change college graduation outcomes in the City of Paterson. Registration is not required.

Admissions representatives from nearly thirty colleges and universities, including Cornell University, Stevens Institute of Technology, Rutgers University, NJIT, The New School, William Paterson University, and Montclair State University, will be in attendance.

Throughout the four-hour College Fair, which is open to all Paterson high school students and their families, attendees will have the chance to meet these representatives in-person and learn more about many colleges and universities. Students will have the chance to collect brochures and other informational materials, meet with Financial Aid representatives, ask pertinent questions about the schools, and eloquently express their interest. Some colleges will even conduct onsite admission reviews and determine scholarship eligibility.

College FairPYC members will be in charge of hosting the College Fair and are responsible for setting up and welcoming the college representatives. They strongly feel the College Fair will have an impact on their peers. PYC member T'ziah Weaver said, "I think the College Fair is important because it gives the youth of Paterson the opportunity to interact with different colleges" while PYC member Mikayla Carter said, "I think this College Fair is important because as future college graduates, we need to be able to choose what college we think is best for us."

College FairNJCDC has been working hard to transform the mindset of Paterson youth and make college a reality. Several NJCDC programs target this goal. For example, this will be the third college fair sponsored by the PYC and NJCDC. In addition, several of NJCDC's programs for high school students visit a variety of colleges; last year, the PYC visited Harvard University, Yale University, and MIT and our Compete for Life program visited Howard University. NJCDC has also brought Paterson high school students to the Passaic County Regional College Fair this year as well as in past years. Furthermore, NJCDC has brought in outside experts to present a seminar series on the college admissions process for Paterson high school students. NJCDC has also helped raise scholarship money for Paterson students heading to college.

NJCDC CEO Bob Guarasci said, "College fairs like the one the PYC and NJCDC are sponsoring this Saturday are crucial to our vision that all 8,000 children living in Paterson's Great Falls Promise Neighborhood will reach adulthood college and career ready. Come on out and stop by."

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