What We Do

Since 1994, NJCDC has taken a lead in rebuilding and strengthening our community through the empowerment of, and partnership with, those who live and work in our neighborhood.

We've adopted the pioneering philosophy of the Harlem Children's Zone, adopting a place-based approach to doing our work. The area we're focusing on is about 90 blocks with Paterson's Great Falls at the center—a neighborhood of about 14,000 people that we call the Great Falls Promise Neighborhood. Most importantly, there are 8,000 students who either live in or go to school in this neighborhood, and our overarching objective is to work with them and their families to provide cradle to college/career support.

To this end, our Community Outreach department engages local residents and business owners to care for and speak out on behalf of our shared neighborhood through a variety of initiatives. We've created an active Community Advisory Board that has representatives from throughout the neighborhood.

We carry out neighborhood clean-ups, we are central in the planning of the new Great Falls National Historical Park, and we build playgrounds and gardens to help revitalize our neighborhood. We host workshops, social activities like family movie nights, and open houses to assist families who otherwise wouldn't have access to resources and services available to them to better their lives.

We also created the Neighborhood Help Center, a one-stop-shop for assistance on a broad range of topics that concern neighborhood residents, with funding from the Nicholson Foundation.

To learn more: Please contact our Director of Community Outreach at 973.413.1641 or send us a message

Support Our Work!
We at NJCDC are keenly aware of the challenging economic times. 93 cents of every dollar donated to NJCDC goes directly to programs which help families, teens, children and people with disabilities.