What We Do

NJCDC is a full-service organization working to transform the City of Paterson into a thriving, diverse, and sustainable city for current and future generations.

Paterson has struggled to retain its prominence as an important American city, despite having an array of largely untapped resources - from the high concentration of beautiful beaux-arts buildings, to its rapid access to the interstate and nearby global commerce centers, proximity to New York City, and the rich history associated with the birthplace of the U.S. Industrial Revolution.

At NJCDC, we believe that driving positive neighborhood change and sustainable revitalization must occur throughout our city.

We continuously seek to connect the dots between all of the elements necessary for comprehensive neighborhood revitalization, including strong schools, safe and affordable housing, youth development, job training, and resident-led advocacy.

We believe Paterson has both a rich history and a promising future. We understand Alexander Hamilton's vision for the birth of a "national manufactory" here in Paterson to ensure our fledgling nation's economic independence, and we earnestly believe that Paterson can reinvent itself and once again become a leading center of commerce.

NJCDC seeks to work collaboratively with partners throughout the public and private sectors to undertake initiatives designed to foster hope, opportunity, and tangible benefits for all Patersonians.

Why Paterson?

  • It's the 3rd largest city in New Jersey and has a critical poverty issue.
  • 26% of all residents are below the national poverty level.
  • 38% of these individuals are under 18.
  • Over 50% of the city's adults in poverty only have a high school diploma or less.
Support Our Work!
We at NJCDC are keenly aware of the challenging economic times. 93 cents of every dollar donated to NJCDC goes directly to programs which help families, teens, children and people with disabilities.