What We Do

As one of Paterson's leading community-based organizations, our mission is to create opportunities to transform lives within our neighborhood, which we call the Great Falls Promise Neighborhood.

The Great Falls Promise Neighborhood consists of a 95-block radius surrounding the Spruce Street and Great Falls area, and is home to approximately 14,000 people, 4,500 households, and over 8,000 children who live or go to school within the neighborhood.

With a more focused, data-driven, outcome-oriented approach for accountability in serving the children and families within our neighborhood, NJCDC has established a cradle-to-college pipeline of services to address the needs of low-income children throughout every phase by providing families with support from as early as pregnancy until children reach adolescence and are prepared for college and/or a career.

To widen our impact within the Great Falls Promise Neighborhood, we have adopted a holistic strategy to improve the lives of residents living in the Great Falls Promise Neighborhood.  By launching the Great Falls Promise Neighborhood, NJCDC reframed its bold goal: All 8,000 children living or going to school in our neighborhood will graduate high school college and career ready.  To fulfill this vision, we developed and implemented a pipeline approach, modeled after Harlem Children's Zone and the Promise Neighborhood Initiative, which reaches children and supports parents at every stage of a child's life – from birth to graduation.  Our Promise Neighborhood initiatives include the following:

Early Childhood Education:

  • Early Learning Network
  • Parent Academy
  • Parenting Classes
  • Paterson Family Center

Elementary and Middle School Education:

  • Community Charter School of Paterson
  • Full Service Community School at Public School 5

High School Education:

  • Garrett Morgan Academy
  • Great Falls YouthBuild
  • Compete for Life
  • Paterson Youth Council
  • Great Falls Youth Corps
  • Teen Centers

Family and Community Resources:

  • Neighborhood Help Center
  • Community Advisory Board
  • Creation of Community Parks and Playgrounds
Support Our Work!
We at NJCDC are keenly aware of the challenging economic times. 93 cents of every dollar donated to NJCDC goes directly to programs which help families, teens, children and people with disabilities.