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NJCDC’s Great Falls Youth Center Hosts Fashion Show

NJCDC’s Great Falls Youth Center Hosts Fashion Show

April 20, 2023

Back in 2018, we opened the Great Falls Youth Center as a safe space for Paterson high school students to go after school to do homework, spend time with friends, and participate in engaging youth development programming. The students are taught to be RAD—one of their foundational pillars, which stands for Responsibility, Accountability, and Discipline. Since its opening, the Youth Center has quickly grown from serving about 20 students a day to serving over 100 students each day. Now, the program has refreshed its visual identity with a new logo—and gear to show it off!

On the evening of Thursday, April 13, our Great Falls Youth Center hosted its first-ever fashion show! Throughout the event, over 50 attendees watched our students model the different pieces of clothing with the new branded logo.

After the show, our program staff distributed the new gear (at no cost) to all Youth Center members in attendance. The gear included hoodies, crewneck sweatshirts, t-shirts, jogger pants, hats, long-sleeve t-shirts, and more—all for free!

The Great Falls Youth Center operates Monday through Friday, from 1 p.m. to 7 p.m. on regular school days and on Saturdays from noon to 4 p.m.—offering a variety of programming including, but not limited to, Culinary Arts classes, Fashion Club, Percussion Class, Martial Arts, Digital DJing workshops, Nutrition and Fitness, College Readiness, Career Development, and outdoor recreation (including basketball and soccer). And it remains open on days when the Paterson Public School District is closed. After a long day, students are also provided with a delicious dinner—sometimes prepared by their peers who are a part of the Youth Center's weekly Cooking Committee.

Our students really enjoyed the fashion show and were even more excited to receive some new gear! One student said, "This fashion show was so cool, and the merch is much better quality now. I can't wait to show off my new gear at school!

Another student said, "I had a lot of fun modeling for the show!" She continued, "The Youth Center is much better now, and it feels more like home. I like the different varieties of food that we eat for dinner and the wall of encouragement. I look forward to seeing it when I walk into the building!"

NJCDC's Great Falls Youth Center Program Director Tiffany Shepherd said, "We're rebuilding, rebranding, and expanding at the Great Falls Youth Center. I am super excited about where the Youth Center is going, and I look forward to helping to create even more opportunities for our students to thrive during and after high school. I'm here for it and I'm all in!"

Any Paterson high school student who is interested in joining the Great Falls Youth Center (which includes receiving the gear!) should contact Ms. Shepherd directly at or 973-413-1670.

Check out this video to see a recap of the fashion show!

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