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NJCDC Partners with Paterson Public Schools to Open New Full Service Community School

NJCDC Partners with Paterson Public Schools to Open New Full Service Community School

January 6, 2023

Named after the late philanthropist and Paterson native, the Joseph A. Taub School (JAT) officially opened its doors to over 1,000 middle school students in September 2021. The 160,000-square-foot building was built on the land where Don Bosco Tech once stood—on Union Avenue, just over a mile from our headquarters and within walking distance of the majority of its students. And this past October, in partnership with Paterson Public Schools, we opened a Full Service Community School (FSCS) there.

NJCDC is proud to serve as the lead agency at the new Full Service Community School at Paterson's Joseph A. Taub Middle School. This is the third Full Service Community School where we serve as the lead agency—we also operate Full Service Community Schools at School Number 5 (grades K-5) and JFK High School.

Our Full Service Community Schools are designed to assist Paterson Public Schools in removing barriers in education for students through services such as tutoring, mentoring, medical attention, and much more. With our partners, we are committed to providing a safe, supportive, and engaging environment for our youth, families, and community that is conducive to lifelong learning.

Students currently have the option to participate in two of six clubs in rotation after school throughout the week. These clubs include Journalism, Art, Physical Education, Book Club, TV Production, and Gardening. Every two months, students have the option to switch clubs if they are interested in joining another club.

Sixth-grade student Yonel Rivera De Jesus has been very excited about the new program. He said, "What I like most about the program is how we are given the opportunity to work in a real environment in our Gardening Club and it helps us gain more experience while working hands-on with plants.

His classmate Ashley Rivas said, "My favorite club in this program is the TV Production Club. We get to learn a variety of things like acting, video editing, and behind-the-scene roles like fixing the lighting and working on staging."

The Taub FSCS Program Director Adam Jawiech explained, "At the after-school program at JAT, we're providing the kids with student-driven programming that employs a holistic approach to education. The students chose what programming would be offered by filling out a student interest survey and we got to work." He continued, "We provide structure and support while the students are free to explore both academic interests and meaningful social interactions. I couldn't ask for a better group of instructors; their love for the students and their willingness to go above and beyond makes me proud to work alongside them."

Bob Guarasci, NJCDC's CEO, offered his thoughts on this exciting initiative, saying "I applaud the school district—particularly Superintendent Shafer and her team—for expanding the network of full-service community schools in Paterson. NJCDC is grateful to partner with the district to bring all these additional services to students and their parents."

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