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NJ4S Passaic County Hub

In 2023, the New Jersey Department of Children and Families unveiled a comprehensive statewide initiative dedicated to fortifying youth wellness and advancing preventative measures. The NJ Statewide Student Support Services (NJ4S) model, consisting of 15 regional hubs, was introduced to facilitate the widespread delivery of prevention services across schools and various community locations throughout the state.

The Passaic County Hub of NJ4S, managed by NJCDC, provides evidence-based Tier 1, 2, and 3 prevention and intervention services to students ranging from K-12. These services encompass workshops, presentations, assemblies, and individual/group sessions addressing a spectrum of topics, including mindful parenting, study skills, habits, and internet and social media safety, among others.

Our Tier 1 Services cater to students K-12 and do not necessitate a referral through our SalesForce platform. For Tier 2 Services, which are group-based and tailored to students in grades 6-12, a referral via our SalesForce site is required. Similarly, our Tier 3 services, centered on clinical interventions, also necessitate a referral through our SalesForce platform. This structured approach ensures the accessibility and appropriateness of services tailored to the diverse needs of the students we serve.

To date, NJ4S Passaic County has provided our Tier Menu of Services to approximately 6,245 participants throughout Passaic County.

For more information: Please reach out to or click here to learn more about linking services to your community and how to get more involved with this exciting program.

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