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Community Charter School of Paterson

Over 15 years ago, NJCDC convened a small group of Paterson parents and community stakeholders to introduce an idea—the creation of a new charter school located in Paterson's Great Falls Historic District. While we had long enjoyed a very positive relationship with Paterson Public Schools, we wanted to provide parents with options and help advance educational excellence in the City of Paterson while promoting positive youth development and strengthening families. Thus was born the Community Charter School of Paterson (CCSP).

CCSP opened in 2008 as a K-3 school serving 400 students and has since expanded to serve more than 900 students in grades K-8. CCSP is now an established charter school, as well as a welcoming place for all visitors and a full-service community school, opening early, closing late, and providing weekend and summertime programming.

CCSP is governed by a board of trustees consisting of parents, community members, and NJCDC representatives. Through this unique partnership, the innovative school exposes students to a genuine connection with this community and ensures that everyone is an advocate for our children and families.

CCSP's mission is to advance racial equity through an excellent education. It purposefully cultivates positive and academically excellent schools that prepare students with social and academic skills to pursue a choice-filled life and make meaningful contributions in Paterson, and the world.

CCSP has two campuses:

75 Spruce Street Paterson, NJ 07501

8 Morris Street Paterson, NJ 07501

For more information: Please visit

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