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Paterson Family Center

Understanding the importance of establishing a strong and enthusiastic foundation for learning, the Paterson Family Center (PFC) Preschool was founded by NJCDC in 2003 and provides 105 three- and four-year-old Paterson children with an evidence-based curriculum and qualified staff committed to their growth and education. Providing more than just preschool, Paterson Family Center offers support to the entire family through after-school programming that supports working parents, as well as family workers to connect families to needed resources.

PFC's Mission

To educate students academically and socially by building collaborative relationships with our students, families, and the community in order to empower our children with the tools they need to successfully meet the challenges of life and make positive contributions to their community.

PFC's Philosophy

In accordance with National Association for the Education of Young Children guidelines and principles, PFC believes that children learn through play and interacting with their environment.

The program we offer makes the most of a child's natural inclination to play by providing planned activities and learning materials to enhance their development through play and exploration. Using developmentally-appropriate practices, the Center provides a safe, supportive, and nurturing environment where children develop physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.

We involve our students in an environment where they can: 

  • Observe and interact with peers, adults, and materials;

  • Expand and develop literacy and communication skills;

  • Make sense of the world by hands-on interaction and exploration;

  • Develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills;

  • Gain self-confidence and independence to grow up to be caring, happy, and productive citizens.

Goals and Expectations

Our goal at PFC is to instill a feeling of self-worth in each child, and to develop:

  • Basic skills for learning

  • Habits of independent thinking

  • Attitudes of social cooperation and moral responsibility

  • Knowledge and appreciation of people, events, cultures, and one's physical self.

Paterson Family Center is funded by the Paterson Public Schools and state wrap-around vouchers administered by the 4Cs of Passaic County.

For more information: Please contact our Preschool Director at 973.413.1567 or send us a message.

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