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Hawthorne Heights

Individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities are flourishing in communities throughout our state and nation. With increased understanding and support, people with intellectual and developmental disabilities are able to live on their own, gain and maintain steady employment, go to school, shop and cook for themselves, and enjoy more everyday liberties that most people take for granted.

Hawthorne Heights consists of 13 one-bedroom apartments in the Borough of Hawthorne, on land donated by the municipality. Residents each have an apartment of their own, allowing them to experience living independently, but also have access to a variety of on-site supportive services to assist them if needed. The residents of Hawthorne Heights move up the ladder of independence by managing their own apartments, with staff on-site to provide assistance as necessary. A common room and backyard offer residents space to socialize and provide a sense of community.

We are proud to be part of a movement that enables people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live on their own in supportive environments, enriching our communities and demonstrating that each of us can succeed regardless of the challenges we face.

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For more information: Please contact our Director of Residential Operations at 973.413.1604.

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