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Park Corner Plaza

A mixed-use building, Park Corner Plaza is both an affordable housing and economic development initiative designed to enhance the informal gateway into the City of Paterson's historic downtown district. Park Corner Plaza is located at 97 Spruce Street, just blocks away from the Great Falls National Historical Park.

Opened in 2017, Park Corner Plaza is NJCDC's first mixed-use real estate development project, providing 11 units of affordable housing and a ground floor retail space that houses a physical therapy office. This project, which replaced an abandoned, fire-damaged building, has dramatically improved this high-profile corner in our neighborhood.

The project was made possible through the state's Neighborhood Revitalization Tax Credit (NRTC) program, the US HUD/City of Paterson HOME program, and NRTC investors Thomson Reuters, Prudential, JPMorgan Chase, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey, Boiling Springs Savings Bank, PNC, and TD Bank. Both PNC and TD also provided project financing.

For more information: Please contact our Property Manager at 973.413.1636.

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